Van life is a full-time endeavor for a hardy few. They eschew a steady home and find bliss in a small truck, cooking on the road, being a work nomad, and taking inspiring selfies in remote locations. It fires up the imagination.

But for most of us, #VanLife is an escape from our daily lives, an augmentation, not the every-day-all-the-time lifestyle. We are still fascinated, almost obsessed, however with fellow van owners and constantly swap details on mechanics, layouts, and the type of brackets needed to install a great awning.

We’ve set up a gallery of images that we’ve taken during our travels. Where possible, and when we meet the owners, we will put together a little blog on the rig. It’s name, age, and any other pertinent details that we can pull from a quick conversation from our passing van travelers.

Ad-VAN-ture Happens

No matter your reason for your travel, or even how much time you spend on the road (in a van or not), real adventure will find you. Not always in the form you were hoping, but <shrug> that’s part of the experience.