In our experience, there are Hot Springs people and not Hot Springs people. Hot Springs people can be further narrowed down to those who only want the resort, cabana boy, and umbrella-in-the-drink while lounging poolside, and those who will drive great distances to stare at a bubbling pool in a vast expanse of nature (or au naturel). Depending upon your mood, or the adventure you would like, hot springs can deliver an element of relaxation and a step out of the ordinary when added to any road trip.

Because you can get a lot of information online. We won’t rehash the information that is readily available. We will provide our tips and what was unique about our visit. Maybe a little about who we met on the road, fellow travelers and adventurers.

Travertine Hot Springs (2016)

Here are a listing of the places we have visited.

Let’s take a little dip and rejuvenate ourselves in nature.