Deeply Candid Conversations

There are so many tools out there to help us improve our lives, achieving every piece of our nirvana whether it’s financial success, love, high-producing children, or beatific vision. But the journey to reaching this excellence is filled with pot-holes and pratfalls. Along the way, we typically find it is ourselves that is the biggest hurdle in fulfilling the vision of our success.

Chris Templeton

Join me for some deeply honest conversations with Chris Templeton of “Oh The Stories We Tell.” He believes that by understanding the running dialogue in your head — the stories you tell yourself — you can begin a practice of creating behaviors that serve you best.

These dialogues began as Shelter-in-Place online meetings, that we have been calling The Honesty Project and are frank exchanges about the personal hurdles that come our way. It’s a come-as-you-are zoom call. Many of them video taped while we were staying safely away from others and spending far too much time with only ourselves.

And Lord knows, we can all use some help straightening out our bad selves.